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Company Profile

Chongqing Qiankang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (abbre. CSTD) is a special company for study, research, developing of special machines and complete equipment and integrated service in advanced technology. We are experienced in project management and engineering, machinery and equipment import and export, etc. Since 2004, CSTD has engaged in more than 10 major engineering projects.

Our philosophy is “Serve our clients, develop with our clients and suppliers”.

Our services include:

Design, Complete whole set, Logistics, Installation, Testing, Training, After service;
Selecting qualified suppliers to manufacture and install machinery and electronic equipments;
Supervising manufacturing and controlling quality;
Project operation.

Our professional team, including experienced managers, qualified engineers, QC engineers and auditors, has always been following various standards to serve all of our clients , such as ISO2000, ISO14001, ISO16949, ISO18001 and IEC.