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Nitrogen Pump

Product Details:

 ■ Nitrogen Pump Skid Heat Recovery Liquid Nitrogen Pump Skid is mainly used for assisting the hydraulic fracturing spread to mix, inject and make the liquid nitrogen fracture. The skid with the independent liquid pump and the vaporization system is equipped with liquid nitrogen tank, high pressure triplex pump, heat recovery vaporize system and auxiliary device.
Liquid nitrogen pump and vaporization system completely adopt the heat recovery system of indirectly burnt diesel engine to vaporize liquid nitrogen. All the heat for vaporizing the liquid nitrogen is acquired from the power of driving the engine.

■ The system mainly includes diesel power unit, reciprocating triplex liquid nitrogen pump, centrifugal irrigating pump, liquid nitrogen evaporator and various operation control switches.
All the heat of the pump power and evaporator is supplied by the power unit of the diesel engine. The exhaust-heat of the engine and other systems are all transformed into the useful heat for vaporizing liquid nitrogen.
In normal operating conditions, liquid nitrogen flows into the triplex pump from the storage tank through centrifugal irrigating pump (supply the inlet pressure for the triplex pump) and is pressurized to the working pressure by the reciprocating pistons, then, the high pressure liquid nitrogen flows into the evaporator and absorbs enough heat from the power unit to become high pressure gas. While the temperature of the gas reaches 60F-70F(15
-21, it will discharge through discharge valve at the flow rate of 360000 standard feet3/hour.

Main technical data

Max. Working Capability

Max. Nitrogen discharging volume

360,000 SCFH

Max. rated Working Pressure

15000 PSI

Hydrostatic Testing Pressure

22500 PSI (155MPA)


MTU-DDC 12V2000 or CAT 3412E

Transfer Case


Liquid Nitrogen Triplex Pump


Liquid Nitrogen Tank Volume (Norminal)

2000 gallons7570LITERS )

Dimension (Approx.)







Weight (estimated)

Gross Weight (without liquid nitrogen) 

15 metric ton(about)

Gross Weight (with liquid nitrogen) 

21metric ton(about)

Heat Recovery Evaporator Working Capability 


Discharged Nitrogen Temperature when the Max.
Pressure and Max. Discharging volume