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ZJ30 Demo Quotation

Product Details:

 •Nominal drilling depth          1600~3000m(4 1/2″DP)
                                                     1500~2500m(5" DP)
•Max. hook load                         1700kN
•Max. drill stem load                 1000kN
•Live lines                                    5×6
•Max. wire line No.                      10
•Drill rig wire line diameter       Φ29mm
•Drawworks max. input            550kW(750HP)
•Drawworks speed steps        4forward+2reverse
•Open diameter of rotary table  Φ520.7mm(20 ½″)
•Mud pump power/NO.              735kW(1000HP)/ 2
•Clear height of mast                41m
•Mast type                                     K
•Volume of thribble                    5"-28m thribble 3000m (Include 6 drill collars)
•Drill floor height                               6m
•Clear height of rotary table            4.93m
•Drill floor area(length×breadth) 8.46m×8m
•Volume of gas tank                          2+2.5m³
•Power of main diesel×NO.             810kW×2
•Power of auxiliary generator unit×No. 320kW×2
•Total volume of mud tank 180m³

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